Work life

Every one eventually works at one time. I have worked in different companies, and I have attempted to create a start-up.


I am the co-founder of GATRIO. We develop cross-platform software (website and app).

San Francisco State University

SF State is one of the universities in the California State University (CSU) system. IT Help Desk Technician (Student Assistant) was my job title. I worked part-time during semesters and full-time during semester breaks. I left this job as it only allows current students for this position.


I was an independent contractor working for my clients that need IT consulting. For this period, I developed websites, customized POS system, managed and deployed networking and computer systems, and designed graphics for my clients. This was also a time I was a full-time student.

iMusicTech Ltd

I had my internship here as a programmer for one summer.

Calvin Tam

Calvin Tam

I love computers (and technology). I am a programmer, a software developer, and a technology enthusiast. I prefer having a work-life balance, so do not ask for unpaid OT. No one is slave of companies!
San Francisco Bay Area, USA