Past & Present

I was born in Big Apple. My divorced parents decided to live in their comfort place; therefore, I grew up in Hong Kong for almost two decades. After I graduated from high school, I decided to leave. The San Francisco Bay Area becomes my second home. I have the vision to move back to the Big Apple in the coming future.

New York City

One sentence that says it all: it is a beautiful city. It is convenient to live there because of the New York City Subway. By the way, I like trains, but not obsessed with it.

Hong Kong

It is hard not to admit that Hong Kong is my hometown after lived there for decades. It is an international city - a mix of Chinese & western cultures. It is a great place for retirement, but not for living due to high living costs & low wages.

San Francisco Bay Area

I love the great weather, literally. It rains for a few months during winter and spring. The rest of the days gets sunny, cloudy, or foggy. This place frees me from air conditioning because I do not need one at all. One thing I do not miss is the traffic.

Where should I go next? Probably somewhere in Texas, like Austin and Houston.

There is no place on Earth that we can escape from deadly diseases (such as coronavirus, monkeypox) and natural disasters.

Calvin Tam

Calvin Tam

I love computers (and technology). I am a programmer, a software developer, and a technology enthusiast. I prefer having a work-life balance, so do not ask for unpaid OT. No one is slave of companies!
San Francisco Bay Area, USA